About Amazon Easy

Amazon Easy is India's first initiative that enables entrepreneurs to offer online shopping assistance to new ecommerce audiences. Shopping assistance provided by store owners establishes a sense of trust and helps lakhs of customers
take their first steps into ecommerce shopping.

Let's suppose, you already run a shop (of any kind) and have partnered with Amazon Easy. You can guide your customers to buy any product that is available on the website of Amazon India.

You will earn good commissions from each order placed by your customers that is referred by you. Also, you get a customer bonus for each customer you add.

Set up your own Amazon Easy Store!

Our Story

How it Works?

Let us understand this with an example:-

Mr. Mahesh Jain has been in the business of selling old and new books for the past 20 years. He is running his shop under the proprietorship name"Rampur Book Store".

One day his friend shared about Amazon Easy Store and he became interested. He was excited about the opportunity but at the same time, he did not want to disturb his existing business.

He called Prologic Web Solutions and raised the request. Our expert, Mr. Abhineet understood his eagerness of setting up a full-fledged Amazon store which is also known as the Amazon Flagship store. It requires a separate shop.

Abhineet suggested that Amazon Easy Store can be opened in the same shop or same place where he is running his current business. He has to place a small banner. He also needs to do the branding of Amazon Easy so that his customers get to know that he can help them in purchasing with Amazon.

Abhineet has taken the existing pictures of his shop and this is what he received.

Rampur Book Store

Abhineet understood that Mr. Mahesh Jain wants to keep his existing presence and wishes to earn more revenue from Amazon Easy.

Hence, Abhineet suggested a few designs so that he can run his existing business and set up Amazon Easy as well.

Design A
Prologic Rampur Book Store
Design B
Prologic Rampur Book Store
Mahesh liked the idea and designs.

He used the design for his shop and discussed the opportunity. Abhineet explained to him that he can sell anything by using Amazon Easy (whatever he sees on Amazon.in at present).

He will not only earn by referring new clients but will also earn revenue for each item ordered by new customers.

Abhineet also suggested to place some banners inside the shops and add materials for branding. This can be printed on A4 size paper. Apart from this, Abhineet also shared on how to do marketing without any cost.

Prologic Amazon Easy Store
Prologic Amazon Easy Store
Prologic Amazon Easy Store

Mahesh followed everything suggested by Abhineet. He attended all the marketing training & sessions.

Mahesh also learned that he can meet new people who are not his regular customers and find new clients for his existing business Mahesh is now able to make ₹15,000 - ₹20,000/ month with the new opportunity.

Earning Potential

Mahesh got new customers since he started Amazon Easy. He earned income in the following ways:

  • 1 New Customers Joining Bonus (up to Rs 240)*.
  • 2 Commission on every order purchased by New Customers*.

For instance, his new customer orders the following items in the last 30 days.

License Type Pro Basic
1 Baby Carriers ₹900 ₹81
1 Hair Color ₹600 ₹54
2 Books ₹1000 ₹80
10 Mask ₹600 ₹48
5 Phone ₹60000 ₹480
Laptops ₹80000 ₹4000
TV ₹50000 ₹2500
Grocery ₹25000 ₹1375
1 BP Machine ₹1800 ₹100.8
6 Water Bottle Fridge/ lron ₹600 ₹48
1 Home Theater ₹10000 ₹500
Electric Switch Board ₹450 ₹36
Mixer ₹5000 ₹400
Washing Machine & Fridge ₹50000 ₹3000
3 Bags ₹3000 ₹240
Notebook ₹1000 ₹80
Equipment ₹10000 ₹800
1 Watch ₹2500 ₹200
Routers ₹5000 ₹250
Earning ₹14872.8

The above calculation is a sample calculation for Mahesh. This can vary for each store. The commission ranges from 1% to 12% depending upon the category of the item. More orders mean more commissions.

Note: This commission is paid by Amazon directly to the account of Mr. Mahesh. It will be initiated after 60 days of the order placement.

Prologic eStore Earning Potential

What You need to do?

  1. You must have knowledge of Amazon Shopping & know about how to search for products with filters.
  2. You may have an existing business set up or wish to start a new business with Amazon Store.
  3. You should put a banner on the entrance of your shop and inside the shop that displays the branding of Amazon Easy clearly.
  4. You must make at least 2 new Amazon customers per week & 2 new orders from new customers. This is for audit purposes and for the first 12 weeks.
  5. The ideal age to do this business is 18-45 Years but if you use the Amazon app, you can set up an Amazon Easy Store.
  6. You must attend all training provided by Prologic Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Amazon Easy Store

Who can start this?

Any New Entrepreneur/ New Shop Any New Entrepreneur/ New Shop
  • Restaurant


  • Railway Agents

    Railway Agents

  • Mobile Shop

    Mobile Shop

  • Travel Agents

    Travel Agents

  • Parlour Salon

    Parlour Salon

  • Electronic Shop

    Electronic Shop

  • Repair Service

    Repair Service

  • Electrical Shop

    Electrical Shop

  • Automobile shop

    Automobile shop

  • Street Vendor

    Street Vendor

  • Grocery Shop

    Grocery Shop

  • Malls Complex

    Malls Complex

  • Chemist Shop

    Chemist Shop

  • Stationary Shop

    Stationary Shop

  • Bakery Shop

    Bakery Shop

  • Packers Shop

    Packers Shop

  • Laundry Shop

    Laundry Shop

  • Garment Shop

    Garment Shop

  • Vegetable Shop

    Vegetable Shop

  • Furniture Shop

    Furniture Shop

  • Sports Shop

    Sports Shop

  • Bill Payment Shop

    Bill Payment Shop

  • CSC


  • Money Transfer Agent

    Money Transfer Agent

  • Any Shop

    Any Shop

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Amazon Easy Store Setup: Before Vs After

Prologic Amazon Easy Store Prologic Amazon Easy Store

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Prologic Amazon Easy Store

Who are we ?

Since its inception in 2009, Prologic Web Solutions established itself with a primary motive-Development and employment in the rural and urban areas of India. We wanted to provide an opportunity for Indian citizens to experience digital solutions.

Prologic Web Solutions, the parent company of GST Suvidha Kendra is a GSTN Approved-GSP partner that was registered in July 2012. Our CIN is U72900DL2012PTC238413 and the Company GST Number is 09AAGCP7559N1ZI

We work on the principle of exceptional services, accountability, and long-lasting partnerships. As a mid-sized company, we provide technology services like Web Dev & IT Solutions, BPO Solutions, GST Suvidha Kendra, Fintech, Digital Marketing, etc.

Mr Anupam Kher is our Brand ambassador. Prologic Web Solutions is featured in leading platforms like Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicles, ANI News, Business Wire, etc.

We are aligning the Digital India mission to connect the next billion users. Prologic Web Solutions is partnered with Amazon. With this partnership, we aim to create a more feasible shopping experience and entrepreneurship culture. It will enable innovative solutions for consumers, across the underserved and unserved geographies of India.

Prologic Web Solutions: India’s Authorized partner for Amazon Easy Store
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List of documents required

Commission List

You can order anything that is available on the website of Amazon India. The commission varies from 1-12% depending on categories. We will send you a commission list once you contact us.

Commission List

Contact us Inquiries

The agreement and the commission list will be shared once you email us. It may take 15-20 days to start Amazon Easy Store after the successful verification

Contact Prologic Amazon Easy Store

Terms & Conditions*

Prologic eStore

Number of New customers/Week: 2 (who are not on Amazon)

Prologic eStore

Number of New Orders From New Customers: 1 Order from Each Customer, i.e., For 2 New Customers, We require a minimum of 2 orders.

Prologic eStore

The order amount should be more than ₹600

Prologic eStore

To run the Amazon Store successfully, we need to follow 1-2-3 for 12 weeks from the store's opening.

Prologic Amazon Store

It means 24 New Customers and 24 New orders are required in 12 Weeks as well we have to maintain this ratio every week.

Prologic Amazon Store

Proper Branding of the Amazon Store is needed outside the shop and posters inside the shop. This needs to be uploaded for verification.

Prologic Amazon Store

After the 12 weeks, New Customers Required/Week: 1 and New order is also: 1.

Prologic Amazon eStore

In case you find you cannot achieve a minimum number of orders/customers, we can suspend the Amazon Store ID after discussion with Amazon.

Prologic Amazon eStore

The commission from Amazon is subject to change based on their Policy.

Prologic Amazon eStore

You can use Amazon Pay for Bill Payment and Recharges, but that will not be counted as an order.

Prologic Amazon eStore

Amazon will directly pay a commission after 60 days, and you can view the report in real-time with the app.

Prologic Amazon eStore

In case of abuse from customers, Amazon may restrict your easy store